April 2017 Newsletter

from the desk of David Loden


To all our Friends and Supporters, shalom...

In this season of deliverance from bondage; and in remembrance of Messiah’s victory over death - may you be sustained unto life everlasting! 

In the week before Passover, we again were privileged to present three performances of Handel’s “Messiah” in Hebrew!  Over 1,000 Israelis; Jews, Arabs and friends from the nations, witnessed these performances. More than 400 Holocaust Survivors were guests for the first two evenings, and the third was a benefit concert for the relief of Syrian Refugees. We worked hard, but the Lord brought it gloriously from - 
Rehearsal                          to                          Performance!


Here are some comments from the audiences:

“In all the musical performances I have experienced, this was by far the absolute greatest!  There are no words to describe that evening. Congratulations for such an ultra special presentation.”

“Wow!!! Amazing and Beautiful!”

“My wife had purchased the concert tickets as a special gift for me. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience Messiah in this way on this day. I will never forget it.”

As you know, our particular emphasis in “Kamti” is the presentation of liturgical works in Hebrew. Many of the hearers were astounded to hear “Messiah” in that language:

"It (the "Messiah")  has been in my head all this time and now it's in my heart!"

“I did not know that Handel spoke Hebrew - Awesome revelation.”

“This was top-class - absolutely the finest rendition of Handel's "Messiah" that we've ever heard, or sang in or played in the orchestra - and all in Hebrew!!” 

We are aware that all this is made possible because of your support and prayers. This is a letter of thanks… thanks to God for his blessing, and thanks to you, our friends, for your faithfulness! 

More News from “Kamti” and the “Liturgi-Kal” Concert Choir - 

International Choir Festival - The First International Choir Festival “On the Lake”, which was scheduled to be held at the Sea of Galilee, has been cancelled for 2017 due to cancellation of two large choirs which were scheduled to come. It will be held, G-d Willing, in May of 2018.

Winter Concerts - The December concert in 2016 was a great success. We presented three pieces: “German Requiem” by Brahms (in Hebrew), “Khaze Haveit” from Daniel’s Vision by Efrat-Rachel Gerlich (in Aramaic)  and “Psalm 87” (in Hebrew) by David Loden. Here are some links to that performance:

Brahms Requiem -

Gerlich Khaze Haveit -
Loden Psalm 87 -

The Winter Concert of 2017 is well into the planning stages. Our desire is to include in that concert excerpts from the opera I wrote in 1994 “David and Bat-Sheva.” Although it was written and staged 23 years ago, it was ahead of its time. We have felt that it is the right time for a full production! We will do portions of it in December without staging and scenery. If the Lord blesses us to present it fully staged in 2018, we will do it! The message is one of forgiveness and restoration… very fitting for our times.   

Please pray with us regarding these plans. We depend on the prayers and support of our friends. If you wish to donate funds, here are the ways to do that:

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Thank you, and all God’s blessings to you, your families and ministries.  

David Loden  

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