About the Artists

The choir singers of Liturgi-Kal come from all over Israel, and include Israelis, residents and tourists who are capable singers. Due to the diversity of backgrounds (cultural or religious) two things are necessary to be a part of the choir: the first is to be able to meet the demands both musically and also in regards to schedule; the second is to be able to support philosophically the vision of the choir to sing liturgical and biblical works either written in, or translated to, the Hebrew language. Of addition, one must be willing to work hard to prepare the music to be of the highest quality possible.

We are committed to growth in our artistic life together.

The choir has worked with several of the best young soloists in Israel and is an active promoter of the musical careers of these young artists:

  • Ye’ela Avital, Nava Sahar, Ayelet Dekel, Tal Eli, Rinatya Nessim, Adaya Peled – Sopranos
  • Avital Deri, Noa Doron, Katya Kondrachuk, Shahar Lavi – Altos
  • Eitan Drori, Yoav Oved, Oshri Segev – Tenors
  • Paulo Mestre, Alon Harrari - Counter Tenors
  • Yair Polishuk, Yair Goren, Guy Pelec, John Shuffle – Basses


About Liturgi-Kal







The flagship of KAMTI is the “Liturgi-Kal” Concert Choir

The “Liturgi-Kal” concert choir was founded in 2009 and includes singers from all over Israel. The choir presents liturgical music either written in, or translated to, the Hebrew language. In the few years of the choir's existence Liturgi-Kal is rapidly becoming much more visible on the Israeli music scene due to its emphasis on excellence coupled with the superb choice of musical partners. The choir has worked with the Israeli Chamber orchestra, the Ensemble Barrocade and has had the honor of hosting some of Israel’s finest young singers as well as special guests from abroad. [See the ‘About Singers’ for more information.] 

The choir is in the process of building its repertoire of works in the original languages, and most importantly, in Hebrew versions. Liturgi-Kal now offers three concert programs a year. The original piece performed by the choir, Handel’s Messiah in Hebrew, has become a yearly tradition in Jerusalem. In addition, Liturgi-Kal has performed works by Vivaldi, Bach, John Rutter, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Arvo Pärt and Johannes Brahms.

It is never easy to build something new… “out of the box” with a hitherto untried emphasis. It is pioneer work, but we at Liturgi-Kal, as well as our performing partners, are excited by the possibilities before us. Stay in touch with our vision by visiting the website or at [www.facebook.com/LiturgiKalChoir]


About David Loden

David Loden - Conductor

Born in Detroit, Michigan and growing up in Southern California, David Loden was composing from the age of 10. David was the youngest member of the Roger Wagner Chorale and studied solfege with Salli Terri, and choral conducting with Roger Wagner. His vocal training was with Metropolitan Opera tenor Anthony Marlowe, and he has performed 29 standard operatic roles professionally. He was Production Manager of the Joffrey Ballet for three years, seeing 22 new productions mounted. David immigrated to Israel in 1974; has performed in commercial films, operas, and concerts. He has written an opera “David and Batsheva”; two Cantatas, and conducted a country-wide concert choir “Zam’rei Hallel” for four years. He founded the “Liturgi-Kal” Choir in 2009 and conducted the “Messiah” in Hebrew in December, 2010 and again in 2011; the “Evening of Gloria” in May 2011, with works by Vivaldi, Bach and John Rutter and the Spring 2013 concert of Bach Cantata number 4, and two compositions of the prayer “Te Deum Laudamus”, one by Charpentier, and one by Arvo Pärt.