Spring Concerts” We are actively seeking support for this program of subsidizing concerts for the Holocaust Survivors. We will call this program “Garment of Praise” (from Isaiah 61:3). A special PayPal account will be created for this purpose. We would like to share some of the responses we received from these dear people after the 2013 performances:

Words from the Holocaust survivors after the concert in Or Akiva, 21st March 2013:


“I felt like this was like a fresh water experience; like going under the waters of the Jordan and coming up refreshed.”
“What you did for us was more than beseder (good), it was a Mitzvah Gdolah (Great Deed).”
“Thank you very much!”
“This brought much joy into our lives for those of us that have nothing but trials since childhood.”
“The singers and music were beautiful.”
“May God bless you for all you've done for us.”
“God sees all you’re doing and he will return the blessing back to you.”
“Physical bread is important, but what you gave us tonight was like bread for our soul.”



“Ufaratzta”… We have always performed the “Messiah” on the coast, primarily at the Cultural Center in Or Akiva, and in Jerusalem, at either the Pavilion Theatre or St. Andrew’s Church. We have gone North to do a concert at the Conservatory of Music in Acco, and now we will go South!


We will perform Handel’s “Messiah” in Hebrew in Beer Sheva, at the Youth Arts Center, 12 Hertzl St. This concert will be on the 13th of April, 2016. Information regarding tickets will shortly appear on this web site, under “Tickets”.



“International Choir Festival”… Vered Hasharon Tours proudly presents:




“For the redeemed of the Lord shall return, and come with singing unto Zion“

(Isaiah 51:11)


The first international choir festival “On the Lake”   


A look at the choir festival with evening concerts 


Musical Coordinator; conductor David Loden


First and Second Evenings - 120 Minutes Maximum (20 Minutes for “Liturgi-Kal” Opening and 30 Minutes each for 3 Choirs)


First Evening; Tuesday, May 16 2017  

  • Liturgi-Kal “Kadosh Hu” J.S. Bach 3 min. (Piano) “Psalm 87” Loden 17 min. (Track)
  • Choir A1 30 Minutes - Repertoire of Their Choosing
  • Choir A2 30 Minutes - Repertoire of Their Choosing
  • Choir A3 30 Minutes - Repertoire of Their Choosing


Second Evening, Wednesday, May 17 2017  

  • Liturgi-Kal 3 Settings of Psalm 23: Schubert 4 min. Loden 11 min. Rutter 5 min. (Piano and Incidental Instruments)
  • Choir B1 30 Minutes - Repertoire of Their Choosing
  • Choir B2 30 Minutes - Repertoire of Their Choosing
  • Choir B3 30 Minutes - Repertoire of Their Choosing 

Third Evening; Thursday, May 18 2017

  • Combined Choirs Words of Thanks and Closing - 15 min
  • Setup Comb. Choir - 3 min. 
  • “Gloria” John Rutter - 17 min. (With Wind Ensemble, Percus.)
  • Mendelssohn “Psalm 42” - 25 min. (with symphony orchestra



*** All the music listed above is available for listening on YouTube, if you’re interested



“Yesudato” … David Loden’s new cantata “Yesudato”, a musical setting of Psalm 87 for choir and orchestra was presented in the concert “Psalms Plus” in December 2015. A version for piano (four hands) and ethnic percussion is being prepared…  This will enable us to perform this new work in many more venues without the necessity of orchestral resources. Oleg Yakirevitch, one of the best pianist/accompanists in the country is undertaking this project for “Kamti.” We will keep you informed about progress and when this version is ready for performance we will be happy to book concerts which include it.