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Shalom to all.

I hope you are all surviving the hot summer. I find it quite hard to do creative work in this heat, but we don't have a choice! The December concerts are shaping up well. I am concentrating now on raising the money to do those concerts. The divorce of the United Kingdom from the European Union has made many (particularly in England) very conservative about contributions. We are going ahead with planning, nonetheless.

We are doing (as you know) my Psalm 87, the German Requiem of Brahms and a short section of Efrat Gerlich's Oratorio on the Prophet Daniel. We will do one concert at the Stricker Auditorium in Tel Aviv and one at Christ Church in Jerusalem.

An interesting side note: One of the more difficult things about doing my Psalm 87 is finding tubular bells (orchestral chimes.) I don't need the whole set, but they are hard to find in Israel. One place will rent them to me for a ridiculous amount of money. So I have been in contact with someone in England who makes them and may buy the two tones I need! Also, you might be aware that we are doing the Brahms in the Chamber Orchestra Version made by Joachim Linckelmann in 2009. I went to Stuttgart in 2011 to hear it done by Monica Meira Vasques and the “Laudamus Te” Ensemble, we then did it here in 2012 in Hebrew. When I decided to do it again this year, I wrote to Joachim Linckelmann to tell him we were doing it in Hebrew, and he offered to help prepare a master score for me with his version, but with Hebrew lyrics! He may come to hear it in December.

As you can see, the new Kamti web page is up! It still needs some tweaking, but it is finally up after much difficulty. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in October when we start rehearsals. I attach the rehearsal schedule to this message for your perusal. I am going away for most of August for a much needed holiday. Before I go, I will try to get electronic versions of the three pieces we are doing into your hands so that you may begin to learn the material.

All the best,

David Loden

July 2018 Newsletter

To all our Friends and Supporters, shalom...

Our concert season ended with an amazing performance of Handel's "Messiah" in Hebrew in the Garden Tomb in East Jerusalem. Due to a torrential rainstorm, we postponed and rescheduled it two weeks later and this is the result.Take a look...




For years now we have performed the Messiah in West Jerusalem, but never in  East Jerusalem. The problems we encountered made clear that we were entering into the 

intense battle for the Lordship of Messiah over the whole of the city of Jerusalem! Spiritual warfare over Israel at this time is formidable! Many ministries in this country are having to drastically cut back because of the decline in funding  from international sources. Whether the reasons for this decline are political, financial, or spiritual... they greatly effect and diminish the work of the Lord and the outreach to the peoples of this country.

As "Kamti"we  are committed to continuing and even expanding our mandate of presenting the truth of the Word of God in a beautiful musical frame! - "Apples of Gold in Frames of Silver." (Proverbs 25:11) - In fact, as the darkness deepens, we are enjoined by the Spirit of God  to shine even more brightly! Because of this, dear friends supporters, we entreat you to stand with us in this time. It has never been more important than it is now! I identify with the message of Mordechai to Queen Esther - we have been placed here for just such a time as this. Please... Walk with us, and together, let's see the victory and the glory of God in his Land!

We need $20,000 USD to continue this year and to begin the next!

This will enable us to:
1. Prepare the "Kamti Ensemble" - a small group of the best vocalists, to present the Word of God in smaller venues around the Land with minimum expense. Most of this work will be self-supporting after the initial stages of program preparation.
2. Prepare a large concert for larger venues (amphitheatres, etc.) in the country. This will be done in cooperation with an Israeli concert promoter. The program content and the production will be ours... Liturgy and Word in Music!

"Kamti" has been honoured to be the musical production platform (supplying orchestra, backing singers and conductor) for a new DVD just recorded in Jerusalem by Marty and Misha Goetz! Filmed and recorded at TBN Studios in Jerusalem, this will be a truly beautiful production. The evening overlooking the Old City and the Temple Mount was lovely and it was a truly inspiring evening with an enthusiastic audience. Look for this new DVD.

"Marty and Misha Live from Jerusalem!"

If you are not already aware, the Israeli Messianic Band "Miqedem" led by Jamie Hilsden, is now represented under the "Kamti" legal and financial umbrella. This is a great honour and blessing for us. We look forward to really fruitful cooperation in the future. They also will be presenting a new DVD in the next few weeks Watch for it!

Here is a New Sound!

This next year is really exciting, with with tremendous possibilities for blessing the peoples of this Land with the Word of God and the Hope of the Messiah. Please help us... you are key partners with us in the work. 

Please pray with us regarding these plans. We depend on the prayers and support of our friends. If you wish to donate funds, here are the ways to do that:

PLEASE NOTE - Our Bank Has CHANGED - (The Lord Remains the Same!)

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Thank you, and all God’s blessings to you, your families and ministries.  

David Loden  

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